The highs and lows – Larkhill & South of Englad

The highs and lows of Eventing from the weekend! Timpex Karizma (Kizzy) & KEC Delicate Girl (Delphi) were both super, in their respective classes at Larkhill & South of England. With Kizzy picking up 4th in the 100 and Delphi 7th in the novice, both with great double clears 🥳


The hard luck story was poor Milchem Sea Breeze who inexplicably lost her footing when in contention at Larkhill 😢 But we live to fight another day!

And then Hazard Z was slightly on the naughty step for taking a disliking to a cartridge gun half way round the xc for an annoying 20 penalties, he felt brilliant across all the three phases minus that moment!

A huge thanks to both organisers for putting on super events 🙏