🔵 Oxtalls Update 🔴

Timpex Karizma excelled in her first run of the season in the 105. A lovely test, followed by a great double clear and feeling super confident in both phases to finish 7th. All making up for a moment of over exuberance when I first got on which left me with a tell tale mud patch on my breeches for the rest of the day 🤪🤪

Hazard Z on the other hand kept his 👿 moment until 2/3 way round an otherwise foot perfect cross country when he decided the turtle after the water was definitely a Harry eating dragon….. 🙈🙈 Never a dull moment and a wake up call not to be enjoying the ride so much that I give an inch!! He pinged his way round the showjumping and just about contained his excitement in the dressage. Frustrating but all in all a great albeit delayed start to the for both of them.

Also a shout out to Eleanor Hubbard on Cochise who had a great outing in the 100 open to finish 9th 👏