Our Sponsors

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Our sponsors and supporters are such a vital part of the team. We are hugely proud to represent all of these brands and use the quality products that they supply us with.

"I have used their Carbon Tech Air Cooled Eventing Boots over the past month or so without any problems. They have not moved or shifted on any of my horses. I can't wait to continue using them for the rest of the season."

"My mother has loved wearing the Ginger and Jardine polo necks. They are both smart and comfortable at the same time and have been perfect for the May weather."

"I have been wearing their brilliant Stretch Contrast Zip Jacket at events and I love it. It is both smart and practical at the same time. In the recent warmer weather I have been using the soft shell gilet. I am looking forward to continue wearing this fab clothing at the events."

"I have used Equifeast winning Edge for Hugo for several seasons now and don’t know where I’d be without it. It definitely helps his concentration and ability to train"

"Voltaire saddles provide real comfort for me and my horses. The saddle design allows flexibility in fitting and their service and support has been first class."

"I feel really comfortable in my Gatehouse helmets and have great faith in the protection the helmets and body protectors give me."

"Viki from Victorious was kind enough to send me some of her exquisite pieces for my first appearance at Badminton. All her jewellery is handmade and absolutely beautiful."

"The horses have all thrived since being on Spillers and Winergy and look a million dollars. The stud feed and balancer has been great for our mares and young stock."

"Carol has been finding me ponies and horses for over 20 years. She has a wonderful eye for a horse and does a great job matching people and horses. She has always been really supportive."

"I was lucky enough to have beautiful pieces made for me by Lorraine from Whitmore Ivy. I absolutely love the blue cape and red jacket I have, I felt great wearing them during the trot up at Blenheim International. From her Dorset countryside base, Lorraine designs, hand cuts and produces all items herself using only the finest British materials."

"Sorbeo is a godsend when it comes to bedding. It is light and easy to get around the yard - not to mention great at absorbing the moisture in the stables. Fiona is really helpful at making sure all orders arrive quickly and on time so we are never without!"

"The latest model is much lighter making it easier to use. I have been using the recovery/rehab cycles on a couple of horses on the yard who have had some back soreness. I am really looking forward to continue using the rug to help keep my horses in tip top condition both before and after work during the season."

We choose to work with brands whose products we know, love and trust. We are always looking for new and innovative opportunities. If you would like to join our team please do get in touch .