Little Gatcombe

We headed to Little Gatcombe with four on board – so set to be a busy day.

First up was Ava, doing her first ever event. She was still a bit wobbly in some of the test -especially the canter (🙄) but the judge described the trot work as a ‘ joy to watch’!! This was followed up by a super clear SJ and a lovely XC with a minor blip at the log drop. So looking forward to cracking on with this mare and so grateful to have her out after a prolonged recovery from a freak stable accident.

I then had Kizzy doing a confident boosting run around the 100 – which went perfectly with a great double clear. 5YO Victor was doing his first 100 and was also brilliant, finishing on his dressage score of 34 for 10th place.

Last but by no means least, was newbie Ricky. Having spent the last couple of years showjumping he was little taken aback by doing everything in the mud, wind and rain. 31 test despite being a bit spooked by the conditions. Lovely SJ and a green wobble at a skinny XC. But delighted with his overall performance in what was a bit of a baptism by fire!